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How to use the sheets
Read... see... and discover!

1-To be or not to be ... an insect
2-Insects and popular wisdom
3-Close-up on insects
4-Home sweet home
5-Multi-talented actors

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Are you ready for an extraordinary experience? Here’s your chance to enter a whole new universe! In the following pages you’ll find short descriptions, matching games, riddles, reading lists and all kinds of illustrations.

Whether you’re young or old, an experienced entomologist or just getting interested, bring your natural curiosity and you’re sure to have fun and learn something new.

 How to use the sheets
To make sure your group gets the most out of the suggested activities, start by reading the short
descriptions and the
solutions. Consult the suggested reference books to find out more. Make
copies of any pages from the leaflets. You can always adapt an activity if you wish—take a look at the
variations we have suggested, or just give your imagination free rein and use the drawings as you see fit.

 So let’s get started! Now’s your chance to learn about these small creatures that play such a big part in our lives!


Educational materials at the Montréal Insectarium

The Entomoguide, an educational kit full of activities for learning the basics of ento-mology. The kit comes with seven suggested activities, 24 activity sheets for students, a section with experiments, six info sheets and 30 insect cards. Available only in French.

Monarque sans frontière, an educational game that teaches players about the mo-narch butterfly’s amazing migration all the way to Mexico. Available only in Fre-nch.

Insect cards, a set of 35 collectible colour cards, picturing the insects of Québec in their natural surroundings. Available only in French.

Entomological discovery boxes, packed with games, books and insect collections to complement the activities in the Entomoguide. Available only in French.

Travelling exhibitions that roam all over Québec. For information on their itineraries, call (514) 872-7097.


Reference books on insects

BORROR, D. J. and R.E. WHITE. A Field Guide to Insects, America north of Mexico, The Peterson Field Guide Series, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, New York, 1970, 404 p.

LEAHY, C. Peterson First Guides to Insects of North America, Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, New York, 1987, 128 p.

STOKES, D. W. A guide to observing insect lives. Stokes Nature Guides, Little, Brown and Company, Toronto, Canada, 1983, 371 p.

STOKES, D., STOKES, L. and E. WILLIAMS. The Butterfly Book, An Easy Guide to Butterfly Gardening, Identification, and Behavior, Little, Brown and Company, Toronto, Canada, 1991, 95 p.

SUZUKI, D. Looking at Insects, Stoddart Young Readers, Toronto, Canada, 1986, 96 p.

Associations and organizations

Association des entomologistes
amateurs du Québec (AEAQ)
4581 Sherbrooke Street East
Montréal, Québec
H1X 2B2
Website: http://www.aeaq.qc.ca

Entomofaune du Québec (EQ) Inc.
637 Talbot Blvd, Suite 108
Chicoutimi, Québec
G7H 6A4
Telephone: (418) 545-5011 ext. 5076
Fax: (418) 545-5012
Website: http://www.uqac.uquebec.ca/cdbq

Les amis de l’Insectarium de Montréal
4581 Sherbrooke Street East
Montréal, Québec
H1X 2B2
Telephone: (514) 872-7097
Fax: (514) 872-0662

Société d’entomologie du Québec (SEQ)
4581 Sherbrooke Street East
Montréal, Québec
H1X 2B2

Website: http://www.seq.qc.ca
E-Mail: secretaire@seq.qc.ca
(Official Website for the official insect project)


Montréal Insectarium
4581 Sherbrooke Street East
Montréal, Québec
H1X 2B2
Telephone: (514) 872-0663
Fax: (514) 872-0662
Website: http://www.ville.montreal.qc.ca/insectarium


La Maison des insectes
9141 Zoo Avenue
Charlesbourg, Québec
G1G 4G4


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