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Nov. 7
Nov. 8
Nov. 9
Nov. 10
Nov. 11
AM ESC Governing Board meeting SEQ Governing Board meeting Plenary speaker:
J. Forrest
Costs and benefits of warming temperatures for high-altitude insects: a case study of cavity-nesting bees

Student and regular talks & posters
Plenary speaker:
J. Hellmann
Conserving insect diversity in the Anthropocene

Symposium: In memory of Lloyd Dosdall: Ecology, Diversity and management of insects in agroecosystems

Symposium: Arctic entomology: past, present and future

Symposium: Causes and consequences of arthropod diversity in a changing world

Regular talks & poster

Plenary speaker: M. Berenbaum
Apis mellifera-can a six-million-year-old genome survive the Anthropocene

Symposium: Egg parasitoids in forestry: perspectives and constraints

Symposium: Arthropod biodiversity informatics in the Anthropocene

Symposium: Host associations and the diversification of insects
Lunch   On your own On your own “Lunch & Learn”: What do publishers want? On your own
PM ESC Governing Board meeting Welcoming word

Heritage lecture - G. Boivin

Gold Medal Adresse - TBD

Plenary Speaker: M. Dicke
Matryoshka dolls and the ecology of multi-trophic insect-plant interactions

Graduate Student Showcase

Workshop: Outreach techniques in entomology

Symposium: Entomology museums in Canada: status concerns and potential

Symposium: The changing landscape of chemical ecology

Student and regular talks & posters
Symposium: Canada and its insect fauna: 35 years later

Symposium: Causes and consequences of arthropod diversity in a changing world

Symposium: Impact of invasive insects on the Canadian landscape

Regular talks & posters
Evening   Welcome Reception SEQ AGM
Student reception
President reception
(invitation only)
ESC Governing Board meeting
Cocktail & Banquet