The Société d’entomologie du Québec and the Entomological Society of Canada are pleased to invite the entomological community to the 2015 Joint Annual Meeting in Montréal, Québec. The conference will take place from Sunday, November 8th to Wednesday, November 11th 2015, and includes a range of symposia and associated events under the meeting’s theme : Entomology in the Anthropocene.

Program Highlights

  • Plenary Symposium and Heritage Lecture: The plenary symposium is designed to provide a provocative overview of the challenges related to entomology in the Anthropocene. Plenary speakers include Dr. May Berenbaum (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Dr. Jessica Hellmann (University of Notre Dame), Dr. Marcel Dicke (Wageningen University), and Dr. Jessica Forrest (University of Ottawa)

  • List of symposia

    • Entomology Museums in Canada: Status, Concerns, and Potential (organizer: Cory Sheffield)
    • Host associations and the diversification of insects (organizers: Julia Mlynarek and Chandra Moffat)
    • Egg parasitoids in forestry: perspectives and constraints (organizers: Véronique Martel and Guy Boivin)
    • Canada and its Insect fauna: 35 years later (organizer: Jade Savage)
    • The Changing Landscape of Chemical Ecology (organizer: Kirk Hillier)
    • Arctic entomology: past, present and future (organizers: Sarah Loboda and Terry Wheeler)
    • Impact of invasive insects on the Canadian landscape (organizer: Boyd Mori)
    • In Memory of Lloyd Dosdall: Ecology, Diversity and Management of Insects in Agroecosystems (organizer: Héctor Cárcamo)
    • The causes and consequences of arthropod diversity in a changing world (organizer: Jean Philippe Lessard)
    • Arthropod Biodiversity Informatics in the Anthropocene (organizers: Maxim Larrivée, Colin Favret and David Shorthouse)

  • Student paper and poster competitions

  • Regular paper and poster sessions

  • Student lunch-time workshop on « what publishers want » sponsored by Cambridge University Press (limit of 60 participants)

  • Lunch-time workshop on outreach and Entomology presented by the education department of the Insectarium:

  • Share the passion for insects
    Over more than 20 years, the educational department of the Montréal Insectarium has helped it's visitors demystify the most disliked of animals, insects. Play-based approaches, scientific popularization to our different clientel types, authentic encounters with live insects and other arthropods represent several of the proven concepts used to break the barriors often raised between humans and insects. Participants are invited to discover tricks and techniques deployed by our dynamic and creative team to charm visitors and win them to the insect cause!